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Date: September 13th, 2020. 6 PM.
Moderator: VP Dr. Safwat Ahmad


6:00 PM : Quran Recitation

6:05 PM: Welcome by VP Safwat

6:05 PM: Introduction of ICVA President, Dr. Rais
President’s Report including COVID-19 related matters
Sub-committee reports.

a) New Muslim Committee
b) Refugee Committee
c) Black Life Matter Committee
d) Dawah Committee
e) Zakat and Sadiqa committee

6:20 PM: Introduction of ICVA Treasurer, Br. Jameel Adiola
Treasurer’s Report

6:30 PM: BOT Report by BOT Chairman Br. Jamel Sheikh. Sub-committee reports
a) Masjid Expansion Report
Dr. Abdullah: Chair of Masjid Expansion committee.

6:50 PM: Other Business

7:00 PM: Nomination Committee: chair by Dr. Abdullah.

a) Open floor for Possible Board Of Trustees and Grievance committee’s Nominations
b) Introduction of nominated candidates
d) Voting
e) Announcement Of Newly Elected Board Of Trustees Member and Grievance committee member.

7:30 PM: Adjourn the meeting with Closing Dua.