**WeekEnd Islamic School**

Weekend Islamic School reopens on September 15th 2019..

The registration for Weekend Islamic School is still open, limited seats are available.
The first day of school is on Sunday, September 15th @ 10:00 am

Weekend Islamic School is once a week every Sunday from 10:00-2:00,
We teach Quranic Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies,
Here is the link for registration.
Click the below link for the Registration Form.

Weekend Islamic School: – The Etiquettes and the Manner of the Masjid

The Masjid is a place of worship; therefore we must all follow the proper manners expected of us within the house of Allah. We must Respect those around us and conduct ourselves in a calm manner as to not disturb anyone through our actions or with our voices.

Before entering the Masjid

  1. The Muslim should keep in mind that the sole purpose of the masjid is to worship Allah. With this being the case, it is befitting that the person establishes the correct intention before entering the musalah.
  2. Wash yourself properly after you use the restroom, and Make wudu.
  3. It is mandatory for the person who wishes to attend the masjid to make certain that he is wearing clean clothes, covering his Awra, and does not possess an offending odor.
  4. While heading toward the masjid, the person should not rush and run, but rather take his time.
  5. It is very important to put your shoes on the shelf neatly.

Upon Entering the Masjid

  1. Entering the masjid with the right foot first; the famous companion of the Prophet Anas bin Malik mentioned: “From implementation of the Sunnah, is that a person enters the masjid with his right foot first, and leaves the masjid with his left foot first.” (Mustadrak of Hakim).
  2. Supplication upon entering: This is based on the statement of the Prophet (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him):“If one of you enters the masjid, he should say: Oh Allah open for me the doors of Your mercy! Allahuma Iftah lee abwaab rahmatika.” (Sahih Muslim)
  3. Praying 2 Rakat before sitting greeting of the Masjid (Tahiyyatul Masjid).
  4. Praying behind a sutra, the sutra is a barrier that shields the person who is praying from allowing someone to cross directly in front of him.
  5. Sitting down appropriately, Reciting Quran and making Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) while waiting for the Iqamah.

Things must not do in the Masjid

  1. Speaking loudly in the Masjid.
  2. Crossing (in front of) the path of someone praying.
  3. It is mandatory that the masjids are kept clean.

At the time of Prayer and you hear the Iqama

  1. Stand up quietly.
  2. Fill the first line then the second and so on, do not leave any gaps in the lines.
  3. Prayer is a meeting with our creator, we must take it seriously, it is not a time to play or laugh.

Leaving the Masjid:

  1. We should not rush or run when leaving the masjid, we leave in the same manners that we enter the Masjid.
  2. Follow the instructions of your teachers and the administration.
  3. Supplication upon leaving the masjid: This is based on the statement of the Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): “When one of you leaves the masjid he should send prayers upon me and say: Oh Allah! I ask you for Your blessings – Allahuma inne asaluka min fadlik.” (Sahih Muslim)

May Allah Accept all our worship and guide us to the right path


Registration Opens for Weekend Islamic School for 2019-2020. on Aug@ 24th.




Weekend Islamic School will be closed on Sunday November 25 2018.

Please follow the step for the ICVA Weekend School Payment.

a. Payment Link and the Steps.

b. Curriculum





   Payment Link and the Steps.

a. Login in to http://icva1.com/
b. Scroll Down (Go Down) -under Donation & WES Fees  Click Donate
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c. You will see the below page Click Donation and change the category to Weekend islamic School
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Registration Link:

Click Here for Registration Form




ICVA Weekend Islamic School Student Registration Form 2018 – 2019

Assalamu’alaykum and welcome to the first step in the ICVA-weekend School registration process. We look forward to having your child/children be part of the weekend School this year!

Please note:

1. Please complete registration form one for each family and bring it to the open house.
2. Email weekendislamicschool@gmail.com with any questions regarding the school or this form.
3. The date for the open house (to meet the staff and know about curriculum) and the start date of the school will be announced shortly.
4. Attached is the application form and the link to the Facebook  to get the latest update about the ICVA-weekend islamic school

5. The weekend islamic School is also looking for the teachers to teach arabic/quran . If you are interested, please forward your CV or Contact Sr. Arshiya Zameer. email address: icvaweekendschool@gmail.com

6. Facebook page for the ICVA-Weekend Islamic School, please go ahead and like the page for more updates and easy access to contact us. https://www.facebook.com/ richmondicva/

Student Registration Form