Upcoming Events :

Upcoming Events @ ICVA  (See detail below)

  • Weekend Islamic School Registration @ 08/24
  • General Assembly Dates and Agenda @ 08/25
  • Seerah Series by School Board Registration @ 08/25
  • Prophetic Jewels by School Board @ 08/25
General Assembly  and Agenda.
We hope, Insha ALLAH, You and your family members are in good spirit of Emaan. 
A Special General Assembly (GA) meeting will be held, Insha ALLAH, at the Islamic Center of Virginia (ICVA), Buford Road on (  08/25 /2019 ), at 2:00 p.m, after Dhuhr salat.
This meeting is called to elect a Board of Trustee (BOT) member, and to get GA’s approval of the ICVA Expansion Site Plans for the Islamic Center.  We request you examine the expansion plans that are posted at the ICVA next to Executive Committee (EC) Office.
We request all voting members to attend the meeting.  Voting members quorum is required to approve the plans.
Non voting community members are also encouraged to attend the GA meeting to recommend any changes or improvement of the expansion plans.  Likewise, any member can send his/her comments concerning expansion plans to our Imam or any member of the EC, prior to GA meeting.
We also congratulate those, who performing Hajj this year.  We pray May ALLAH swt make their journey easy and safe, Insha ALLAH.

Eid-ul-Adha (Salat Time,date & Location)

1st of Dhul-Hijjah  Friday, August 2, 2019.
Day of Arafat,  is on August 10, Saturday.

 The Edi-ul Adha Will be on Sunday August 11, 2019. 

Center Location Salat: 7:00 AM (Prompt)
Date:  Sunday, August 11,2019.
Location: @
Islamic Center of Virginia (Center Location)
1241 Buford Road,
Richmond, VA

 Eid-ul-Adha Main Salat : 

Arthur Ash Center (Main Salat):

 Main Salat: 9:00 AM (Prompt)
Date:  Sunday, August 11,2019.
Imam: Ammar Amonette​
Location: @
 Arthur Ash Athletic Center ,
3001 North Boulevard, Richmond VA

parking is free



Hajj Workshop Friday 7/26/2019 after Maghrib Salat
Hajj Story time for kids on 7/27/2009 after zuhur 1:30 PM.